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Shop Refit

We have been very busy for the last 6 days refitting the shop, almost all day and night safe to say it took longer than we thought! Regulars would have noticed Jim Astell the carpenter, busy sawing and shaping wood to make our ideas a reality – he’s done an amazing job! Our favourite features are the helmet shelf and wheel hanging system, they really save space and also show off the products brilliantly. Talking of which new Giro helmets will continue to arrive over the next few weeks as they are coming into stock, particularly looking forward to seeing the Feature helmet. We have put up wall hangers for our new Lapierre bike range that will be coming in over the next few weeks as well, with the first road and fast commuter bikes coming in next week (we hope!). Up till now the space in the shop has been fine for people dropping off bikes for servicing or popping in for something specific they need, however its not been easy for the casual browser being so cramped. Its hoped the layout of the shop will be much more welcoming to potential browsers, encouraging them to stay talk bikes and maybe buy something!