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Stainless Cables Offer

From November to the end of February get a free pair of genuine Shimano stainless steel gear wires worth £27.99. This super deal also includes genuine Shimano SP41 SIS outer gear casing, which is coated internally with silicone grease to give very smooth and light shifting. This is £4 per meter and a typical bike usually requires 2 and a bit meters, so £10 of cabling for free on the average bike. For your convenience you can book a service online here

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20% Off Everything!

Through March there’s 20% off everything in the shop, this includes servicing parts, so you can get your bike ready for better weather at a better price!

This will also apply to bike services booked in March but not carried out in March, in case you can’t make it in during March to have your bike serviced for instance.

Just mention the deal when you come to pay for whatever it is you want.

The deal excludes items already on sale, and excludes service labour.

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Get ‘Swytchin’

Convert your own beloved bike with a new ‘Swytch’ conversion kit.  Swytch have designed this from scratch and have miniaturized the front hub motor – its about half the size and weight of a regular electric motor hub.











So when you remove the battery pack from the handlebars,your bike is ‘Swytched’ back to riding and feeling like your regular bike!

The kit includes a front wheel and handlebar battery pack with the controls in. It even has a light! This normally costs £550, but I can match the pre-order price Swytch has them for which is £350, and best of all I have them in stock! (You have to wait a number of weeks if you order from Swytch)

3 Swytch bikes to test ride of hire for the day

Easy to remove battery and control pack with light


















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Ex display Elite Turbo Trainers

I have 3 Ex-display Elite turbo tainers for sale in the shop.  They have been assembled and used in the shop very infrequently for people to try out, so they are essentially as new apart from light scuffs on their supporting legs. Pictures of the trainers below

Elite Direto –  Smart trainer – Now 550:00

Elite Qubo digital Smart B+ – Now 250:00

Elite Volano Smart B+ – Now 285:00


Elite Direto





























Elite Qubo (cente) and Elite Volano (foreground)











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Ex-hire Ebikes

There are 2 superb ex-hire Ebikes for sale, their main plus points are excellent motors and they fit a wide range of heights.

The first bike, pictured below, is a Bristol Bikes S’Park, in a medium large size. Its Unisex so suits both men and women. With disc brakes it stops quickly, and the brake pads last an age compared to rim brakes, plus your not going to wear your wheel rims out braking – really important on a heavy Ebike!

Its on sale for 1150:00. Its been used for 6 weeks and has less than 100 miles on the clock.

The S’Park got an amazing review from Ebiketips – read it here

The second bike, pictured below, is an Adventure road sport ladies Ebike. Its a really lovely bike in an eye catching blue colour. Its biggest plus point is it has a Shimano Steps Ebike motor system, one of the 2 market leading systems (the other is Bosch).  Its range is also a big plus, 60 miles on one charge (hills, wind and weight dependent of course!)

Its on sale for 1550, the RRP is 2250 so its a bargain, and its done less than 250 miles.  Its a medium but again like the first bike fits a wide range of riders, from short to tall.

Here is a link to the Adventure website with a bit more information about the bike









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Ex hire bike sale

Its the time of year again as the summer is not far off ending that our ex hire hybrids are for sale.  They are 2018 Ridgeback Speed bikes, fully serviced and ready to go to new homes.

Please call by to try there are a range of sizes.

They are 399.99 new and they are on sale for 299.99, NOW REDUCED TO 250:00 AS AUTUMN APPROACHES with a free 6 week service and a 1 month guarantee against any part failure, with free labour to repair should a part break.

Check the detailed specification of the bike HERE



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Continental tyre / tube offer

A crazy August offer,  great quality Continental tyres fitted for free, with a free new inner tube installed at the same time!  The tyres are superb quality the top of the range Contact Plus @34.95 for hybrids / touring bikes / cyclocross commuters, or the Grand Prix GT folding tyre @34.95  for ultimate bombproof riding with grippy Black Chilli  rubber in a light and fast tyre.

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Elite turbo trainers

I have been using an Elite turbo trainer for 18 months now, and it really is a great way to keep cycling in the colder weather,

You can follow a training plan to get faster, or fitter or stronger or all 3!  In the summer its also really useful if you just want a brief 30 minute spin if you’ve had a busy day.

Turbo training has become massively less boring due to the emergence of lots of training apps, like Trainerroad, Sufferfest or Zwift.  They make training really fun, or rather they make pedalling nowhere have an actual purpose!

I have 3 Elite turbo trainers set up in the shop, with an ipad and you can try the different training apps.  The trainer below is winning all the praise, its called the DIreto.  It’s said to be one of the best trainers for its pricepoint, beating some of those around the £1000.  Its currently £675.00


DC Rainmaker did a review of the Direto and its pretty amazing

The Qubo at £280.00 is well worth a look and did a great review of it.

The Volano at £350.00 is a budget direct drive trainer, again did a review of the model, without the ‘smart’ sensor, but they really liked it. The one in the shop comes with a smart sensor that connects to your ipad, tablet or PC.