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New Year’s Day Blog

2011 was quite a big year for Green Park Bike Station, being our first, although we have actually only been open for 9 months up to now!  We have done 2 shop re-fits, designed and redesigned logos and websites a couple of times as well as finding the time to service 100s of bikes.  We can’t thank friends enough for giving their precious time to helping with all these projects.  Our hard work’s paid off as we’ve started to stock in an expanding range of Lapierre bikes which we hope will continue to grow.
Over the last few weeks we’ve managed to do a few nice rides, which after all is what its all about!  We punished our bodies and minds with the SPAM charity winter challenge.  This was a 50km off-road event round Salisbury Plain, in which we didn’t really distinguish ourselves!  Our slowness on that ride has kind of spurred us on to do more riding!  We’ve been to Ashton Court a number of times over the last few months.  New Year’s Eve was the first time we were able to sample the trail in its entirety since it opened fully at the end of December.  There are some pretty nice challenges on the trails, rock gardens, steep rocky ascents, a couple of little drops, and some fast berms.  Its worth going as it’ll be the quickest off road riding you’ll get anywhere locally at this time of year.
In terms of road biking we have set our sights on doing a couple of charity sportives so on New Year’s Day we signed up to the Action Medical Research Bath 100.  We did the Bath – London last year and it was pretty flat!  So we are looking forward to the hilly challenge of the Bath 100!  With the weather not exactly at its best we’re doing a weekly spin class at a gym.  WIth pumping music and someone shouting at you to not stop peddaling and to add more resistance there’s more motivation than doing it all on our own at home!  We hope to go out on a few club runs with VC Walcot and Bath CC over the next few weeks, just need to see which we’re best suited to.
Hope you all have a happy new year and have lots of fun riding bikes!