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Ladies Lapierre Zesty

  • Muddy ladies Lapierre Zesty mid ride


The ladies Lapierre Zesty is an amazing full suspension bike.  It’s been a favourite of the reviewers this year, and they ride lots of bikes so they should know!  Becci’s ridden her’s for a couple of months now and is dropping off stuff she’d never have tackled before, so its definitely confidence inspiring.

Have a look at what the pros say here:




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Kinesis Ladies MTB

The Kinesis KM220L is a ladies specific hardtail bike, and its got glowing reviews from the bike mags.  We built one up and took it on quite a few rides.  Our verdict is that the reviewers were right, its very light thanks to the smaller size specific tubing and new ‘Kinesium’ tubing used.  It’s also responsive, the very stiff frame helping get all your effort through the pedals and to where it counts – this thanks to the down tube being flared and flattened where it meets the bottom bracket.  The geometry is spot on with a shortened top tube making for an easy reach for the shorter female torso.

Read the review here and see what the experts thought:







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Kinesis Racelight TK2 review

The Racelight TK2 is Kinesis’s evolved winter / commuting / training bike, I say evolved because look closely at the frame and you’ll see tweaked tube shapes that add stiffness and lightness where it counts. For instance the hourglass shaped seat stays reduce road vibration and the down tube is aero shaped at the top and ovalised at the bottom bracket to increase stiffness in the critical pedal power transmission interface.  The frame has also been praised for its versatility in accepting full length mudguards and proper rack, really great if you intend to use the bike all winter and for touring.

Why not read the independent verdict here and have a look at the photo album of the bike we have built up here:


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    Shimano RS30 white rim wheels complement TK2 frame decals








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New Year’s Day Blog

2011 was quite a big year for Green Park Bike Station, being our first, although we have actually only been open for 9 months up to now!  We have done 2 shop re-fits, designed and redesigned logos and websites a couple of times as well as finding the time to service 100s of bikes.  We can’t thank friends enough for giving their precious time to helping with all these projects.  Our hard work’s paid off as we’ve started to stock in an expanding range of Lapierre bikes which we hope will continue to grow.
Over the last few weeks we’ve managed to do a few nice rides, which after all is what its all about!  We punished our bodies and minds with the SPAM charity winter challenge.  This was a 50km off-road event round Salisbury Plain, in which we didn’t really distinguish ourselves!  Our slowness on that ride has kind of spurred us on to do more riding!  We’ve been to Ashton Court a number of times over the last few months.  New Year’s Eve was the first time we were able to sample the trail in its entirety since it opened fully at the end of December.  There are some pretty nice challenges on the trails, rock gardens, steep rocky ascents, a couple of little drops, and some fast berms.  Its worth going as it’ll be the quickest off road riding you’ll get anywhere locally at this time of year.
In terms of road biking we have set our sights on doing a couple of charity sportives so on New Year’s Day we signed up to the Action Medical Research Bath 100.  We did the Bath – London last year and it was pretty flat!  So we are looking forward to the hilly challenge of the Bath 100!  With the weather not exactly at its best we’re doing a weekly spin class at a gym.  WIth pumping music and someone shouting at you to not stop peddaling and to add more resistance there’s more motivation than doing it all on our own at home!  We hope to go out on a few club runs with VC Walcot and Bath CC over the next few weeks, just need to see which we’re best suited to.
Hope you all have a happy new year and have lots of fun riding bikes!
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Winter servicing offer

Muddy Bike

Winter is here and with it road salt, mud, water and grit on the roads – oh joy!  This combination wears out brake blocks and rims quickly and gums up gear and brake cables.  So a bit of TLC in the form of a service would not do your bike any harm.  We’ve therefore got a special offer on which includes 2 free quality Continental tubes of your choice with every £30 standard service.  Our bike wash service is now £10, usually £15, we use a Nomad washer which gently sprays the bike of any muck without stripping grease from bearings, its then handwashed and lubricated with Muc-Off Bike Spray and chain lube.

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New sites!


A bit of a fresh new start!



So two new posts in one day- the first, if you saw, was from a little while ago, but as you can see we’ve decided to completely change the website, and introduce our online shop.


Both developments are really exciting. The new site will be much easier to maintain and keep up to date with everything that’s going on, whilst we plan to get all of our great products online, and continue to add to the range whilst offering fantastic deals and discounts.


So, in short, watch this space!

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1st December 2011


A bit of time has passed since our last blog as we seem to have been really busy both with servicing and sales, but also choosing lots of nice products that actually work in real world conditions!


We’ve put lots of effort into stocking stuff that is critical to make riding a bike a pleasure – namely the grippy bits and visual aids, in English tyres and lights.
Firstly to the tyres, we’ve found you can never ever go wrong with Continental’s Gatorskins. They are literally bomb proof. We have ridden them continuously over the winter down stony gritty lanes and not had one puncture. We’ve been sure to keep the pressure high in them as this adds to the protective kevlar bead’s ability to ‘ping’ sharp grit and debris away. My rear tyre has done just over 4000 miles and is just showing signs of wear – pretty impressive. For off road riding we are getting in some award winning Maxxis tyres – the Ardent and the Minion. These are fast and grippy in that order. The Minion is a great tyre for out front, very grippy and able to take a beating. The Ardent is more racy suitable out back and with a fast rolling flat centre and wide grippy blocks for great cornering. 
Lights are something to get really excited about, the different shapes, hues, textures and fixing options never cease to amaze! For the serious road rider or commuter we’ve got Lezyne Mini and Power Drives. They are beautiful aluminium engineered objects of art, the funky shapes are meant to help dissipate heat from the LED to optimise run times. There is also the Light and Motion Urban range which has a cool ‘side’ light function giving great all round safety visibility. Finally we’ve got some great Electr

on Terra lights. These are very reasonable priced, from £64.99 for a single head unit, but allow you to ride properly off road. So they are probably the best priced introductory light for real night time off road riding. 
Finally one thing I forgot to mention in the intro that will keep you riding comfortably through the winter – gloves. We’ve got some great gloves from Madison and Sixsixone. There is a great really nicely insulated Madison glove that will keep you toasty warm and waterproof. But if you ‘run hot’ then there is a windstopper version and the Sixsixone Storm glove. The 661 is ‘midweight’ but what sets it apart from the run of the mill is the very lightly padded palm, meaning all the feel and grip you need is not lost through layers of gel! Its a glove for those that don’t like a ‘lost feeling’ when wearing gloves.
The last bit of non kit related news is some of our smashing current offers. We’ve got free servicing labour for life on every bike bought from us as well as 15% off all our Adventure range of kids and adult bikes. There is also the 10% off all lights, reflectives and gloves winter offer! In case you can’t get to us during the day we have extended late night opening on Thursday’s ’till 6.30pm and we are now also open every Sunday until Xmas from 11am to 4pm









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Ongoing winter discounts

To help keep you warm and safe during the winter months we will be offering 10% off of the following:

  • all lights, including the amazing, brand new Lezyne lights
  • all reflective gear, including backpack covers, vests and stickers
  • all long fingered gloves

There are also some big savings to be had with our TF2 product range, so you can keep your bike running smoothly.

TF2 Aerosol spray with Teflon 150 ml (was 3.49) NOW £1.99
TF2 Aerosol spray with Teflon 400 ml (25% extra free) (was 5.49) NOW £3.49
TF2 Wet lube (was 4.49) NOW £3.49

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Student discounts

We are currently offering 20% off standard service charges and 10% off everything bought in the shop, including new bikes! (Please note that student I.D. card will be needed as proof!)

For some quick tips check out this video made by John and Doug from Bath uni cc, sponsored by Road cc.