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2012 goals and winter training


So it’s my (Becci’s) turn to write a couple of blogs, and in an attempt to attract some comments that aren’t actually spam I’ll be writing mine a little differently.


We’re a few weeks into the New Year, and I’m sure many people made resolutions or goals for themselves. So, out of curiosity what might those goals be, and are you still on course?

We’re on the lookout for a couple more “big rides” to take part in during the rest of the year, although, thanks to the latest cycling Plus, the Exmoor Beast and Dartmoor classic certainly sound good to me!

You may remember we mentioned the Action Medical Research Bath 100, a 100 mile (or 100 km) loop out from Bath on the 1st of April. With the hills around here it’s meant to be a toughie, but at least there are three food stops along the way!
We’re still planning on taking part, although so far training hasn’t exactly been to plan- what with the cold weather, ice, slush, snow etc. I can’t say I’ve been overly keen to just hop on the bike! When the temperature is already zero degrees or below without any wind chill and the risk of running into ice, I do feel that just popping down to the gym is so much more appealing! So I, personally, have been doing a fair amount of Spinning and weight training along with a few longer rides.

But what have you been doing during the cold snap and winter months? Do you take on a different sport, learn to love spinning / the turbo, or head out regardless of the weather?