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Shop finished photos!

A week on and the arrival of some new clothing display systems means the shop re-fit is complete!

Our range of Madison clothing now has a much more viewable layout, as do the Shimano shoes and pedals.





Since the weather seems to be refusing to turn we’ve kept out the winter gear- with jackets to suit any riding style or budget, gilets, waterproof trousers, arm warmers, leg warmers, over shoes, and full fingered gloves.






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Shop do up, before photos…

It’s been just over a year since our last shop refit, so we thought it was about time to do it all again!

That said, this time the changes are much less dramatic. Having already gotten rid of the huge counter last time this was more about “tweaking” the limited space.

Before, bikes on display
Before, accessories


So far we’ve fitted a fair few metres of slatwall for displaying clothing much more cleanly, and found a really nice 4 bike stand to show off our favorite bikes.

It’s now very nearly there! Just waiting for some new clothing displays and we’ll be all set, but feel free to pop in in the mean time and see the changes.

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Lapierre Sensium

The Lapierre Sensium has been getting lots of attention in the shop, its pretty eye catching.  Its an all new model for 2013 with a totally new frame.  Its frame has gentle curves, not aggressively over styled which is nice.  Its also made from ‘high modulus’ unidirectional carbon fibre – in other words high quality which will absorb and soften the ride on rough roads.  Take a look at the picture below of the Sensium 300 equipped with SRAM Apex. Pop in to see the Shimano 105 equipped Sensium 200 in the shop, its very nice in the flesh! took a Sensium for an extended test ride for over a month and really loved the ride, read more about their experience on it here. Cycling Plus tested the 300 version as pictured above, read their write up here.

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Summer Bike Sale

We’ve a summer bike sale for 2 weeks up to Saturday the 30th June.  There is a 10% offer on all Lapierre and Kinesis 2012 bikes in stock and to pre order.  There is also 10% off accessories bought at the same time as the bike.  (Fitting charges apply) We offer free lifetime servicing with every bike sold.  There is a further deal of 15% off all clothing at the same time as purchasing the bike.  Please note prices on our website are for the full RRP.




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Spring Offers

So we’ve had a few tastes of spring like weather now- the sun has shone on some lovely long bike rides and the winter jacket has been replaced by arm warmers and gilet (well, almost)

To replace our former winter deal we shall now be running our spring one – 10% off on parts and accessories when you spend £50 or more (including servicing parts).

That includes all the things we commonly replace when carrying out a service including Jagwire stainless steel inner wires, Shimano outer cable housings, chains, cassettes, tyres, tubes, brake blocks etc.

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Handbuilt Road Wheels

The Lapierre Audacio road bike that we are using as a demo bike comes with entry level Shimano R500 wheels, whilst these are fine I wanted some better wheels to really bring out the ride quality of the frame .  Specifically I wanted something stiffer and lighter that would transfer power better to the road.  I did a bit of research and Velocity make some pretty interesting rims, having made a name for themselves in the fixie scene.  Additionally many wheel builders now offer the Velocity A23 rim as a serious upgrade for cornering grip and cushioned long distance riding – more on this later.  The hubs I had decided on were to be Hope as they’re made in the UK, bombproof and engage power input brilliantly thanks to their 4 pawl 24 tooth engagement mechanism. They also come in some nice colours!

Hope 3 Mono Gunmetal

The Velocity A23 rim is pretty different to most road rims out there. It is, as the name suggests, 23mm wide between the rim walls, as opposed to the standard 19mm internal width on most road rims.  The concept behind this is that most 19mm road rims ‘pinch’ the tyre in at the bead so it bulges at the sides making the top of the tyre ‘flat’.  This means more tyre is in contact with the road in a straight line and less when cornering – the worst of all worlds.  Ideally you need ‘less’ tyre in contact on a straight line and more when cornering.  So the A23’s are supposed to smooth the ride, run at a slightly lower pressure and make cornering really grippy.  The A23’s have been said to be a ‘clinchular’ in that they ride more like a tubular tyre, which are rounder than a traditional tyre with a tube, and they therefore reduce road buzz and increase long distance comfort.

I’ve ridden the wheels I built up for a couple of weeks now and have to say the ride improvement was evident from the first few meters.  They feel about a million times smoother than the R500s and they seem to ‘glide’ especially uphill maybe thanks to the super smooth Hope stainless steel  cartridge bearings.  Its over a longer distance that they really come good.  WIth the slightly lower pressure (90psi) and 25mm wide Conti Ultragatorskins the road buzz is just not evident – even over potholes they seem better!  One big improvement over the R500s is that when standing up pedalling uphill the rim does not rub against the brake blocks, so they are a lot stiffer than the old wheels.

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Craft clothing

Our main bit of new news from the shop is that we’ve started to stock in Craft clothing!


They’re a company based in Sweden, so you can imagine that they certainly have some ideal conditions for testing their kit, with their bike range including everything from summer jerseys to thermal base layers.


Last year I happened to buy one of their women’s Performance Gilet tops, and it has to be one of the most useful pieces of kit- stops the wind perfectly, but breathable and amazingly light weight! Nice for casual cycling too!



They’ve got some really great reviews from others too, check out the following from Road CC for the Craft Zero Extreme Mens Crew Neck Base Layer, the Craft Zero Windstopper Hat, Craft Rain Bootie Cycling Shoe Cover, Craft Performance Storm Bib Tights, Craft Performance Bike Light jacket and the Craft Toe cover reviewed by Bikeradar.




As we *should* be moving into some less wintery weather we’ve started out be stocking clothing that’s great for changeable conditions. There’s a very cool convert jacket where the arms easily zip off in one, a super lightweight rain jacket and some base layers that are perfect for fair and cold conditions. We’ve got these and more online here, and there should be more to come!