Swerve Bum Cream 150ml tube


Bum Cream is Chamois cream by Swerve, created for all cyclists. This cream will help you look after your bum, keep you smiling in the saddle and help you ride further. It also smells good and for us ladies it’s gentle on the foofoo!

  • Bum cream is anti-chafing chamois cream helps prevent chaffing for cyclists, runners, rowers and for those who suffer from this uncomfortable condition
  • Bum Cream containing , plant derived emulsifiers which provides the thicker texture and retains the greaseless feel when applied to the skin
  • Pearlescent in colour with a light moisturising effect of the cream will leave your hands smelling citrus fresh and feeling soft
  • Bum Cream is also great during the hotter months
  • It works well for a longer time without re-application and certainly increase comfort on long rides
  • We have produced single use sachets just in case you’re out all day and need as little reapplication
  • Made in the United Kingdom


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