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Get ‘Swytchin’

Convert your own beloved bike with a new ‘Swytch’ conversion kit.  Swytch have designed this from scratch and have miniaturized the front hub motor – its about half the size and weight of a regular electric motor hub.











So when you remove the battery pack from the handlebars,your bike is ‘Swytched’ back to riding and feeling like your regular bike!

The kit includes a front wheel and handlebar battery pack with the controls in. It even has a light! This normally costs £550, but I can match the pre-order price Swytch has them for which is £350, and best of all I have them in stock! (You have to wait a number of weeks if you order from Swytch)

3 Swytch bikes to test ride of hire for the day
Easy to remove battery and control pack with light


















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  1. Hi. I’ve ordered from Swytch – and as far as I can tell my (and many others’) kits are on a slow boat from China which is currently parked in Suez. Only another month to go. Good to know there’s an outlet in South West for future ref. I’m in north but visit Bristol/Bath regularly so will call in when weather improves. What’s your experience of Swytch? Does it live up to the hype? I do hope so. I was happy to support a start-up/crowdfund so fingers crossed!

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