Electric bikes

We have  3 great options for electric bikes.  You can check out the prices in the shop here. The 2 pictures and short descriptions below give an idea of the bike type and motor system, but by far the best way is to come and test ride one for yourself.

A premium integrated Shimano STEPS bike by Adventure which is really the best type of electric bike system you can get.



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We also offer a really economic way to convert a bike you may already own with the Swytch Bike system. This kit comes with a front wheel with a miniaturized hub motor, and a quick to release handlebar pack that houses the battery, controls and a useful front light.



















The third system we have on offer is a rear wheel motor system with the battery in the rear rack. The bike is a S’Park model from Bristol Bicycles, and it gets great reviews.


2 thoughts on “Electric bikes

  1. My name is Sarah and I am interested in hiring an electric bike.

    Along with 5 other ladies, I’m going to be taking part charity bike (The 6 Chicks with Sticks) and due to a recovering shoulder injury, it has been suggested that I use an electric bike to do this ride.

    I am writing to find out if you would consider hiring out one of your electric bikes in order for me to complete our ride. We are raising money for the RUH Forever Friends Appeal. I would be interested in hiring it from about the 30th March for at least 2 weeks, probably nearer 2 weeks and a few days.

    I would be grateful if you could consider my request and I look forward to hearing from you soon.


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