Cyclescheme is the most popular way to buy a bike – when you read on about it, you’ll see why!

First, watch this simple Introduction video to understand how it all works:


Let’s demonstrate this:

You decide you want a Saracen Urban Studio 74 bike – a lightweight, disc brake equipped hybrid that will happily accommodate mudguards and a rack.



The RRP of the bike alone is £539.99

You can put this into the Cyclescheme calculator and get the following:



So you save yourself £172 off the price of the bike, and you get to spread the £367.19 over twelve whole months, making for a tiny spend of £30.60 a month.

You can also use the scheme to buy helmets, clothing, mudguards, lights – in fact most really handy accessories you think you’ll need, and they too will come with a discount, and be spread over a year!

You can even buy a second bike at the same time! We’ve had customers use this to gain a bike for a child or partner, as well as themselves.

The scheme is also great for your local bike shop! You get a brand new bike for a much better price than you could normally, whilst the shop still receives a good price for the purchase.

It’s also hard for small shops to provide finance, so this effectively gives you that option.


If you’re interested in Cyclescheme as either an employee or employer, check out their website for extra details, and feel free to pop in to check out what bike you could be riding to work soon!